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The Cafeteria

We offer cafeteria service where we serve all types of drinks, fresh juices, coffees… as well as pastries and sandwiches.

“La Farga del Gnom” Restaurant

With a capacity for 180 people (indoors and outdoors), available for family celebrations such as communions, baptisms etc…

Our cart offers different salads, pastas, pizzas and meats. We also offer a kid’s menu and celiac options.


Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish, Catalan and Русский.

Restaurante menu


Fried calamaries 7.70
Traditional catalan sausages 6.20
Boiled octopus “a la gallega” 7.90
“patatas bravas” potatoes with spicy sauce 4.70
Chicken croquettes (5 piezas) 4.10
Fried chicken wings 5.20
Little skewers with sausage and bacon 5.20
Fried little green pepper from “Padrón” 4.10


Mixed salad (lettuce, tomato, onion, carrots, olives)) 5.00
Rice salad (rice,pineapple,ham,cheese,lettuce,cocktail sauce) 7.00
Gnome salad (lettuce, tomato, palm hearts, cheese, beetroot, carrots, corn, hard-boiled egg, olives, walnuts) 7.25
Chef´s salad (varied lettuce, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, quince, pine nuts vinaigrette) ) 7.50
“Escalivada” Cold mixed grilled vegetables (onions, red pepper, aubergines) 6.25
“Escalivada”on toast 5.25
“Escalivada” with anchovies on toast 8.90
Anchovies on toast 8.70
Local curred ham on toast 5.25


Mixed Paella (meat and fish) (20 minuts) 13.00
Mixed “fideuá” (meat and fish) vermicelli paella 12.00
Spaghettis (Sauces: Carbonara, Pesto cream, Tomato, Bolognese) 7.30
Cannelloni 7.90


Pizza Hisopo (tomato, mozzarella, oregano) 7.60
Pizza bilí-bilá (tomato, mozzarella, ham, oregano) 8.50
Pizza Rúnica (tomato, mozzarella, bolognese sauce, oregano) 8.50
Pizza Bili-bilí (tomato, mozzarella, bacon, oregano) 8.50
Pizza Pilós (Tomato, mozzarella, salami, oregano) 8.50
Pizza Los tres nudos del viento (tomato,mozzarella,roquefort,parmesan,oregano) 9.70
Pizza de la huerta del gnomo (tomato,mozzarella,mushrooms.,artichokes,onion,oreg.) 9.70
Pizza Neptuno (tomato,mozzarella,shrimps, tuna fish, surimi, orégano) 9.70
Pizza de la “Farga” (Tomato,mozzarella,mushrooms,sweet red pepper, white sausage, black sausage,ham,olives,oregano) 9.70


Veal with mushrooms 11.70
Porc escalope with frites 9.00
Pig´s trotters with sauce 8.00
Roasted in the oven porc cheek (1 piece) 8.00
Roasted in the oven porc cheek (2 piece) 13.90


Lamb 12.25
Lamb chops 14.95
1/4 Rabbit 8.50
1/4 Chicken 7.00
Catalan sausage 7.00
Black Catalan sausage 7.00
Sausages skewer 6.90
Pig´s trotters 7.00
“churrasco” veal cotelette 9.50
Porc ribs (duroc) 6.50
Entrecôte 15.50
Varied barbecued meat (4 pieces) 14.95

*All barbecued meat dishes have garnishings and “all i oli” sauce


Sauté white beans 3.40
Frites 2.75
Bread (1 piece) 1.00
Toasted bread (1 piece) 1.50

CHILDREN MENU (only children)